Professional Scanservice for Books, Magazines, and more

Book digitization with professional equipment

You want to digitize books and instruct an experienced scan service to save time? Then you are exactly right at DOCUBYTE. With leading technology and well-trained staff, we can next file folders digitize historical records and sensitive books thanks to our special equipment simply, gently and quickly! In our scanning production professional book scanners come with book cradle for use. We also in the digitization of bound books are not working with line sensor technology, but put high-quality digital cameras in this way we are always to produce on the latest technology and capable of the best book scans. The secret of DOCUBYTE scan in terms of books are the customized solutions for the various needs of our customers.

Book scanning with high resolution nikon cameras

Gentle book digitization on book scanners

Scanning Books Gently

Your books will be carefully scanned with book cradle and high resolution camera. Per our control screen Scan operators constantly monitor whether all pages were perfectly digitized. For particularly old records our employees use in book digitization special fabric gloves (to protect the sensitive paper in front of the acid from the skin). We produce (IT-8 color calibration included), which can be compressed to the scan process to reduce the file size for use in connection with the book digitization only color scanning. You decide on procurement, if your book scans should undergo a compression process. The individual images are assembled and indexed as needed to a total file.

Digitizing Books at low cost

If you want to scan books that do not have high physical value to you, a very inexpensive book digitization is mögich. In such cases, the spine is separated on an electrical guillotine and the pages then digitized at a much lower cost feed scanner. With sufficient padding of the sides to the book binding individual books can be bound on demand again. Advantage of this method compared with the book scanner: You get clean tailored pages with identical size. With regard to image quality – especially for large plants – the sheet-fed scanner with respect to the book scanner has the advantage that no bulge created by the book fold. On request, we generate a multi-PDF file or a Flipbook (with animated scrolling) per digitized book. The professional creation of eBooks is possible.

 Books digitization on feed scanner

Historical Books Scanning

Scanning Books and Capturing Texts

Practical: If you can digitize your books at DOCUBYTE, through request all book scans produced a text recognition process. Get your digitized books searchable files. If necessary, you will receive the recognized text as a Word file. This is particularly useful when you want to scan as a company across the board for the internal digital libraries or document management systems magazines, catalogs or books. Also for digital archiving as of old cash books or documents relating to old real estate objects and other documents get delivered at DOCUBYTE solutions from a single source.