Digital Archives create space and make life easier!

Electronic Archiving is Changing the World

Nowadays everybody is talking about electronic archives and many companies are already taking advantage of the digital archiving. Electronic archiving offers countless opportunities own claims as well as claims of third parties in a functioning document management system to fulfill. Previously it was necessary to transport files and documents cumbersome paper from A to B. Nowadays important information through digital archiving solutions are a mouse click is available around the clock. For example it is no longer necessary to collect all necessary documents before a business trip. A functioning Internet access and a suitable archiving software that enables the operation of a user-friendly digital archive, completely enough. So you can always have access to the appropriate document.

Audit-proof Digital Archiving

One of the core aspects of digital archiving is the revision and proof security. On the subject of safety evidence has been shown by a study by the University of Kassel, the scanned document in court usually has the same weight as an original paper document. Therefore, you can thanks to digital archiving in most cases, to be sure, even in the case of legal proceedings on a button to have the matching digital documents at hand. Revision security is ensured when a document is stored in the digital archive unchangeable. While some documents i.d.R. not be changed for example, invoices it may be useful in other documents such as procedures to authorize changes. Thanks to automatic versioning in most DMS systems for auditability implies as I said the Nichtveränderbarkeit a once stored document everything remains transparent at all times.

Digital archiving with audit compliance

Auditable digital archiving is becoming increasingly important for the management of companies.

Electronic archiving increases productivity

The cost of digital archiving and physical paper archiving are significantly different.

Digital Archiving is Reducing Costs

Digital Archiving can make your business more productive, because your employees can use various automation of archiving software used, thus saving a lot of time. Thus, for example, to digitize documents and immediately load the correct categorization in the digital archive. With the help of modern text recognition software will be a full text search in the digital archive also in scanned documents. So the electronic archive is searchable by various criteria and documents to be found quickly. The time needed for finding an information is reduced considerably compared to a paper-based filing. Will digital document management and electronic archiving combined to create an almost unbeatable competitive advantage over competing companies.

Advanced Electronic Signature

Additional security in electronic archiving creates the digital signature, which is increasingly applied and simplifies the digital archiving both in the state administration as well as for companies. For a qualified electronic signature replaced with the German Signature Set the necessary writing in legal transactions. This solves the digital signature previously regarded as untouched Standard manual signature increasingly from.

Digital archiving with electronic signature

Today a digital signature can replace the manual signature. Who wants to play it safe relies on the qualified electronic signature.

Digital Archiving and Data Security

At DOCUBYTE not only paper documents are well protected. Our archiving solutions also protect digital documents from data loss.

Digital Archiving and Data Security

Through digital archiving or a centralized document management system, you achieve two goals simultaneously: data security and data redundancy. High data security is achieved by performing a central data storage on virus protected servers at German locations. A sophisticated authorization concept prevents unauthorized access and manipulation of important documents. Digital archiving also ensures a simple way that you always have a backup of your documents. These data redundancy is important: because paper can be all too easily destroyed by fire, water or simply by loss.

Conclusion: Digital archiving is compulsory for forward-looking companies.

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