Digital Inbox – Optimized Processes and Increased Efficiency


The mail department of medium and large enterprises is a centrally important means of information distribution. Many companies see themselves still forced sifting, sorting, collection, distribution, archiving and searching to organize incoming mail in paper form. In some cases e-mails will be printed and stored together with the paper mail in files. This implies loss of time and corresponding costs. But this need not be! With the digital inbox of DOCUBYTE go exactly the opposite way: you receive every sent in paper form mailpiece simply as document scanning. With paper letters you no longer come into contact. Through the digital inbox, it is especially possible i.d.R. compared to manual processing to use very large efficiency advantages of digital processes. Many documents can be assigned, for example electronically and automatically forwarded without delay.

  • Increasing efficiency in mail processing (process optimization)
  • No physical distribution of paper documents (internal mail)
  • No commitment of resources (external service)
  • Reduction of interfaces (document workflow)
  • Reduction of storage space (file folder / archive)
  • Cost savings and environmental protection (no paper copies)
  • Location-independent, multiple access possible (Teamwork)
  • Quick access instead of long search(no long walks for paper files)
  • Better customer service (response time / ability to provide information)
  • No risk of loss of documents (digital redundancy)
  • Avoiding media discontinuity (filing 100% digital)

Digital Inbox with System

Paper-based documents are digitized by means of production scanners, indexed and softwaregestreuert in a digital mailbox imported (see Workflow digital inbox right). The possibilities for such a digital mailbox are numerous, for example:

  • Automated routing of documents via e-mail
  • Online archive as a document management system in the cloud
  • DOCUframe as flexible offline or online DMS
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Custom workflow solutions combined with existing systems

Electronically generated documents can be incorporated directly into the digital inbox. Possibly a task assignment or manual data entry is required, for example, when the fully automated processing appears to be too risky.

Digital Inbox

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Scanning Digital Incoming paper mail with the Digital Inbox

Appropriate Documents for Digital Inbox

Basically all paper documents can be scanned. However, there are standard documents that due to the usually higher volumes tend to be better for the digital inbox and the subsequent digital distribution and processing. While the digitization of documents, contracts, etc. is possible, it should be noted that a digital signature is required to transfer the legal certainty of the paper document to digital reproduction.

Examples: contracts / invoices / expense receipts / returned forms / waybills / delivery notes / etc.


Why consulting a Scan Service Provider?

Generally outsourcing the scanning service is interesting when

  • the own operating resources are not or onlny rudimentary equipped for digitizing
  • you receive relatively large amounts of businesses mail at regular intervals
  • several employees need simultaneous access to certain documents
  • indexing and hosting cause high costs and there is a high potential for automation
  • fast processing and a high level of service are required

If you have concerns about our services or if there is a centrally important expertise in digitization process, it may be more appropriate in certain circumstances, to realize the digital inbox internally. DOCUBYTE has a lot of experience in this field with millions of scanned documents and provides advice and support to implement an internal scanning solution or appropriate automation processes.