Digitize your business processes and optimize communication

With DOCUBYTE to the paperless office

Many companies struggle not only with the huge footprint of paper documents, but especially with long access times, lost or incomplete documents and false or duplicate filing. Not only the DOCUBYTE Scan service makes life easier in this regard. We also have a variety of digitization solutions for business processes to enable companies or specific departments, the gradual approach to the paperless office.

  • Digital inbox
  • Digital Personnel Files
  • Electronic Payroll (ePayslip)
  • Digital Invoice Receipt
  • Digital Travel Expenses
  • DOCUBYTE Online Archive
  • Document Management with DOCUframe

Digital Inbox

Get rid of paper and start where most of it is obtained – in the daily mail. The digital inbox is both comfortable and extremely practical. We empty their mailboxes, scan all documents and provide timely all the scans as digital documents. All data is transmitted exclusively via encrypted connections (see also data protection certification).

Digital Inbox - Workflow at DOCUBYTE

This is the way how the DOCUBYTE digital inbox works in broad strokes. For an enlarged view please visit the main page.

Digital Personnel File by Scan Service

The digital personnel file frees personnel departments of mostly superfluous paperwork.

Digital Personnel Files

Let us ensure that HR staff have more time for the really important tasks available – with the digital personnel file. DOCUBYTE not only delivers high quality color scans, but also takes the categorization, separation and detection of all documents. Your personal files are in the best of and above all safe hands – because DOCUBYTE is a privacy-certified Scan service provider.

Electronic Payroll (ePayslip)

Most companies in Germany send the pay slips of their employees still in paper form. This is not only cumbersome and time consuming, but also caused a completely unnecessary cost block. With the digital payslip (ePayslip) go the first logical step to the paperless office, you save a lot of time and money, and thereby even a meaningful contribution to environmental protection.

Digital payroll with ePayslip

With the electronic payroll you are able to assist your employees while protecting the environment!

Digital invoice receipt

Let us scan your paper invoices by using the possibilities of modern text recognition systems.

Digital Invoice Receipt

Each company is naturally forced to deal with the processing of invoices. Here are optimization potentials often not recognized or used as many companies continue to rely on a paper-based invoice ledger. This is, inter alia, also to legal requirements and to many suppliers that send still printed invoices. The digital invoice receipt of DOCUBYTE involves scanning paper documents, capturing the necessary positions and timely data delivery in the matching for the respective accounting system format. In this way you avoid any media break, you get all the data in digital form. You also need your paper invoices no longer physically archive we awarded after scanning a qualified digital signature and save your documents on request auditable so are all legal requirements for digital archiving met.

Digital Travel Expenses

In particular, companies with headquarters in Germany must constantly struggle with the extensive regulations on travel expenses. The reform of 2014 has brought no noteworthy simplification. Not infrequently, the participants are overwhelmed, from purchasing to accounting to the employees. And even after the introduction of a self-service module remain the annoying paper receipts. DOCUBYTE delivers the digital travel expenses the optimum solution. All paper documents are scanned, recognized relevant positions and transmitted as data packet per employee. Again, our customers benefit from the digital archiving of scanned documents. Of course we advise you in introducing new document workflows.

Digital Travel Expenses - paper documents scanning

We digitize travel expenses and expense receipts and assist you in the design and implementation of digital workflows.

Online Archiving in the Cloud

The DOCUBYTE online archive: audit-proof digital archiving at reasonable cost and with maximum ease.

Digital Archiving in the Cloud

By scanning paper documents alone the crucial problems are often not solved. The question for a suitable archiving system must at files digitize be clarified, traffic and rights are to be defined and you have to start looking for a competent and reliable partner. As inexpensive and simple cloud solution we offer the DOCUBYTE online archive.

Individual Document Management

We have standard solutions and customized systems for document management in the offer. In addition to the online archive DOCUBYTE we program custom document management solutions on the platform DOCUframe. From the audit-proof archiving on the process management and document workflows through to customer relationsship management all central functions are integrated.

Document management with DOCUframe

Digital document management can be much more than just storage. DOCUframe is the all-rounder among the DMS systems.