Scan Service at the Highest Level through Process Management and Modern Technology

Guaranteed Safety and Quality

To ensure complete records digitization of the highest quality during the scanning service, we have implemented various security mechanisms and procedures. Our main focus scan the files is not only efficiency, but also in particular on data protection and quality. Without a high quality standard with scanning your documents can not be successful, the Scan Service subsequent processes such as digital archiving or the use of digital documents in a document management system.

  • Packaging & File Transport before scanning
  • File Tracking & document workflow
  • Professional document separation before digitization
  • Scan service of the highest quality by color Images
  • Modern scanners with double sheetfeed detection
  • Digital documents with text search
  • Scanning and indexing documents
  • Placeholder for heterogeneous scan materials
  • Scan service with certified data protection

File Transport before Scanning

To protect sensitive files in small as well as large amounts of loss, we keep in touch with our scan service its own transport service. Specially made archival boxes or with increased safety requirements – lockable metal container can be tracked seamlessly via File Tracking. At the highest security requirements, all files are provided to the customer database, each with unique barcode labels (see also document tracking), then tested packaged and immediately after goods receipt DOCUBYTE exhaustive. This approach allows also the premature access to not yet completely digitized files when needed.

File Tracking and Workflow

Our production system to monitor your digitization contract with DOCUBYTE is unique and is constantly evolving. We speak of file tracking, or file-based scanning service. Basis of this system are standardized barcode labels, that uniquely identify each record, and are entered for each production step with barcode guns into the software. In this way, at any time to understand how many and files have been received of any kind at what time and what the current processing status of the entire project or a specific file is.



Scan service with Perfect Document Separation

In particular, when digital documents are versioned or a software controlled workflow was installed at the document level, files have to be separated before scanning in individual documents. Depending on the requirements and batches of documents, we use different methods to separate paper documents. The separation of individual tabs is mostly realized by so-called. Leitbelege (for example, patch code sheets). Individual documents can druch barcode sheets or pre-marked by barcode sticker during document processing for separation (with a low number of pages per document). This preventative approach our employees to orient to paperclips or Tackerung and so the togetherness of individual pages for each document better determine. The inlaid patch or bar codes are then read out during the subsequent scan service or after scanning in a server-based process. It is always a balance between the quantity and name of the loaded bar codes and the actual scanned or detected codes takes place. In this way, errors in the recognition to 100% may be excluded. The variety of options we are very flexible and have a range of scanning service projects in close cooperation with our customers successfully implemented.

File Digitization without loss of Information

As our scanning production is always on the current state of technology, we can, unlike other scanning service scan all documents in color – us without charge. This has a clear advantage over bitonal scanning: binarization (conversion of color information, brightness and shades of gray in black and white) is in principle always involves a certain loss of information. For color scanning, however even colored logos and markings are reproduced in the digitized document. Because the file sizes increase by we work to request an additional special PDF high compression method (see also data output) – also completely without any additional costs. This added power can not offer any scanning service.


File scanning with Double Feed Control (DFC)

All production scanners used for document digitization are equipped with three ultrasonic sensors for safe double feed detection. By running multiple sheets to feed slot of the scanner, the unit will stop immediately and calls the scan operator on to solve the problem. Through demand-configuring these sensors, it is possible for us to guarantee even with strongly mixed documents a complete document digitization.

Digital Documents with Full-text Search

Nicht nur farbige Markierungen bleiben in der digitalen Akte erhalten. Auch der abgedruckte Inhalt Ihrer Dokumente wird in einem software-gesteuerten Texterkennungsprozess für eine Volltextsuche verfügbar gemacht. Sie erhalten im Ergebnis kleine Dateien im PDF-Format mit Farbinformation, die nach Stichworten durchsuchbar sind. Selbstverständlich ist gegen Aufpreis auch eine manuelle Korrektur der Ergebnisse möglich, wenn Sie z.B. Textbausteine aus Dokumenten kopieren und für neue Versionen verwenden möchten.


Indexing of scanned files

If the full-text search by text recognition method is not sufficient – for example, in the case of many handwritten information – then a professional indexing of scanned documents is meaningful. Our experienced typist example detect file number, part numbers, client names, account numbers, personal numbers, labels and many other terms that you then find playing in the digital archive quickly and easily by pressing a button.


Wildcard System for Plans, Certified Documents and Disks

Large-scale plans and drawings, documents with a seal, other bound originals and inserted media such as CDs can prevent a smooth scanning process because a file must be physically separated and digitized in different scanners. We have solved this problem by a barcode-controlled wildcard system that is already in the document preparation for use. This system ensures that no out separate parts of the files are lost and each folder can be set back again in the exact original shape when needed. Nevertheless, the order of the individual pages in the digital file to the original.

Safe Scan Service with Privacy Certification

Our Produktionsräumlicheiten are all protected by a modern security system, video surveillance and smoke detectors. The large number of deployable devices, we can compensate for individual losses without problems. There is a daily backup. In addition, both our data center as well as the corporate network through server virtualization, network virtualization, strong firewalls and a rigorous system of rights are well protected. Since the issue of data protection for us occupies a special place to read on a separate page for more.