Digital Document Management XXL with DOCUframe

DOCUframe: Documents under Control

The document management system DOCUframe® is developed since 1999 by GSD Software and can safely be called the universal genius and all-rounder in terms of e-government and digital archiving of documents. Whatever your requirements are, DOCUframe will not disappoint. Because of the integrated macro language DOCUcontrol® document management are virtually no limits. New functions can be programmed in a simple way and adjustments are possible at any time maximum flexibility for dynamic companies and employees. The system is industry-independent and has won numerous innovation awards.

Digital Archiving

Scan documents, store, collect and find quickly



Document Management according to GDPdU & GOB


Case Management

Administer all documents relating to a project centrally


Customer Relationsship Management and Marketing


Managing appointments without communication problems

Inventory Control

organize purchasing, sales, warehouse and logistics without interference

Staff Time Recording

Time recording, break management, payroll and more


Open platform with various integration possibilities and accessibility

Document Workflows

Automate and optimize processes reliably

mobileCLIENT / webCLIENT

Remote access, smartphone app, internet access

Knowledge Management

All information always available everywher

Corporate Management

All documents from ERP in a single system


Control and distribute information centrally



All important information of the day at a glance


Digital Signature

eBilling, electronic invoice dispatch and more

Mobile Document Management

With DOCUframe you fully benefit from the added value of digital documents. Receive your paper mail as part of the digital mailroom electronically, call addresses from a central database from, manage existing processes or create new ones. And regardless of where you are. Thanks DOCUframe Mobile Access is possible all important business processes to control it remotely.

All important functions are also available mobile:

  • Document Management
  • Customer Relations
  • Collaboration
  • Process Management
  • and many more

DOCUframe Project Management

With the project management module can be controlled reliably and assign each task all project-related resources. For large projects, control is obviously required in addition to a control function. By solid authorization concept may at any time to ensure that only authorized project members have access. DOCUframe provides systematic and complete project documentation and communication. Integration into existing systems is also the project management module easily possible, as is the programming of flexible interfaces.

  • Definition and specification of requirements and tasks
  • Cost / Personnel / Budget Planning
  • Project planning and management (e.g. planning board / Gantt chart)
  • Project management (inter alia workflow / escalation management)
  • Project Controlling
Document management versioning with DOCUframe

With DOCUframe digital document versioning and efficient document workflows are possible and easy to implement.

Versioning of Digital Documents

Modern business enterprises must be able to compete in increasingly dynamic markets. This applies particularly to the management, which is why documents and processes are regularly reviewed or amended. Nevertheless, many people want to have access on previous versions. Exactly this problem solves the versioning feature of document Management system DOCUframe. Through structured storage in different formats (among others also Word documents) and a comprehensive versioning history, it is possible to understand changes to documents in a simple way and even after many years earlier access information. There can be no problems determine which employee at what time which document version has modified, even in scanned files. Even an auditor (for example, in the form of the supervisor) to release a new version can be integrated with workflow management. By document versioning and guidance of DOCUframe adherence to the aims of a quality management certification under the standard ISO 9001 can: reach, 2015. Because the distribution of digital documents throughout the company is well documented as the document exchange within the individual departments. This can ensure that all parties are always using the most current version of a document. All other documents are digitally archived.

Digital Sales Processes

Especially in the sales information is one of the most valuable resources. Win customers by analyzing existing information and take appropriate measures sale. Always be up-to-date and thus to answer customer questions in a position immediately.

  • Vertriebsprozesse organisieren
  • Statistische Auswertungen
  • Kennzahlenanalyse
  • Umfassende Statusberichte
  • und vieles mehr
Document management with DOCUframe ticket system

The DOCUframe Ticket System allows you to offer an outstanding support and service to your customers.

DOCUframe Ticketsystem

In companies that offer technical products and services, a ticket system is most essential – because a good customer service is one of the most important success factors. With the document management system DOCUframe it is possible to combine all requests in a single system. New tickets will be automatically created and sent to the appropriate person or the appropriate department. Tackling the einhegenden requests goes this way quickly and cost vonstatten. Not only in-house resources are conserved, even your end users save by rapid and targeted answer questions a lot of time. The development of customer satisfaction through various analysis options and customer reviews constantly in view. By setting different priority levels urgent requests can be processed first and the processing status of a ticket is available at any time by clicking. Also for the control in the Company benefited from DOCUframe ticket module by transparency, documentation and archiving.

Staff Time Recording with DOCUframe

In German companies an exact recording and evaluation of the work and break times by the applicable laws of particular importance, and often is associated with high costs. With the built-in DOCUframe staff time recording can also solve this issue perfectly for all concerned. Even if you already can use time recording terminals in your company DOCUframe be integrated via open interfaces. Benefit from the automated recording working times and customize entry screens easily to the needs of your employees. Evaluate the respective hours accounts of your employees, you can display by pressing a button several graphs, check the presence and absence and let the time recording system compute variance analyzes.

Document management - DOCUframe timesheet

Timesheet records are also part of document management – with DOCUframe you can control and analyze all your time recordings.

Enterprise Ressouce Plannin (ERP) with DOCUframe

Integration instead of isolated solutions – that is the philosophy of DOCUframe. For this purpose the enterprise resource planning module was programmed.

Inventory Control System

With the help of the ERP module of DOCUframe you purchasing, sales, warehousing and logistics under control. Automate regular orders, monitor your stocks, generate BOMs and optimize complex inventories. Use the interface to DATEV and overlook all the documents from the offer, the order to delivery notes, invoices and credit notes. The DOCUframe ERP supports not only cash sales, but also proof of payment, card payment and much more.

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