DOCUBYTE Online Archive

Auditable Cloud Archiving on Secure German Servers

Digital Archiving is easier than ever

Every day in companies, information is being created, changed, shared and stored, and the quantity of data continuously increases. In addition to numerous paper documents and electronically generated documents such as emails, Word files, PDFs and Excel spreadsheets need to be archived ongoing for some time. Even digital documents are relevant for the business and must be kept by law six or even ten years. Many companies are therefore either overwhelmed or forcing an extraordinary effort for storage and archiving to operate. Unlike the behavior when DOCUBYTE Online Archive: it is quick to set up, incredibly easy to use, yet has everything that a modern archiving system needs. So that you can convince yourself of the very easy handling of the online archive, we provide you with a free demo access.

Online archive - audit-proof archiving system

  • No upfront investment for hardware and software
  • No extra charge for data backups, updates, etc.
  • No time-consuming training as self-explanatory
  • Saving high storage costs for the paper archive
  • Cost security through monthly fee
  • Global access to all documents in the shortest possible time
  • Redundant storage – 100% protection against information loss

electronic archiving made and hosted in germany

Software made and
hosted in Germany

auditable cloud archiving with ISO 9001 certification

Online Archive with
ISO 9001 Certification

Online archive GDPdU compliant

Online Archive according to
GDPdU rules

Online archive with SSL Security

Online-Archiving with strong SSL Security

Overview of the main functions of the DOCUBYTE Online Archive

As cloud-based archiving system the DOCUBYTE Online Archive brings a lot of features and thus solves many problems at once!

Many different filing structures possible

Archiving of various formats (Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, etc.)

Legally compliant email archiving (incl. Annex)

Platform independence through browseroperating concept


Online data entry screen for document indexing

Integrated text recognition (OCR) for full-text search

Direct scanning of paper documents into the Online Archive

Print documents or send them directly via email

Advanced user management with roles and profiles

Extensive export options for all documents and data

Two-factor authentication for special access security

API interfaces for integration in enterprise networks


New: Process management for even better document management

Free updates for the whole contract duration

Special conditions for ScanServices for your paper files

Pricing simple and transparent

Online Archive PackagesPrice per month (excl. 15 % VAT)
Archiv Bronze - max. 1 GB data volume45 €
Archiv Silber - max. 10 GB data volume95 €
Archiv Gold - max. 25 GB data volume145 €
Per additional 10 GB data volume95 €
Per additional user (named User)25 €
Per additional 10 Users (named User)200 €
Barcode-Recognition45 €
Multi-Uploader45 €

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