Questionnaire Evaluation and Form Processing with modern OMR Software

Paper questionnaires are not obsolete

Despite the increasing number of telephone and online surveys paper questionnaires are still an effective and often used technique for customer surveys, market research projects, conduct demographic studies, political surveys, employee surveys and many other data collection. The paper-pencil survey is far from being obsolete for various reasons. On the contrary, we have witnessed in recent years, an increasing number of survey institutes in larger surveys either put only on paper questionnaires or at least a mix of online survey and paper questionnaires. One of the great advantages of the paper-pencil survey include, for example, that the respondents much more believable absolute anonymity can be assured. But this aspect can significantly increase in paper questionnaires which returns quotas – particularly when highly personal information such as disease data in the context of clinical trials are queried. Ultimately, it can lead to considerable distortions by systematic nonresponse in pure online surveys. For it to be ruled out, for example, people who do not have a PC or have no internet connection available – or simply prefer filling out paper questionnaires.

Questionnaire evaluation examples:

  • Customer Surveys
  • Market Research Projects
  • Demoscopic Investigations
  • Political Polls
  • Employee Surveys
  • Clinical Studies
  • And many more…

Questionnaire Evaluation digital / analog

One of the biggest drawbacks of Paper and Pencil surveys is certainly in the high use of questionnaire analysis. However, can be in this type of data collection antiquated-looking paper questionnaires combine perfectly with modern technology. DOCUBYTE closes with its services this gap between paper-based data collection and electronic analysis and evaluation. This means that similar to paper mail and e-mail traffic (see also digital inbox) a merging of digital and analog data even in mixed surveys carried out is not a problem. Of course our experienced typist gladly take on the manual input of existing free text fields.

Paper questionnaire capturing in Munich

Capturing paper questionnaires is very labor intensive and error prone. DOCUBYTE is using modern software systems for the collection of questionnaires.

Questionnaire-detection control screen

*OMR: Optical Mark Recognition (Fragebogen-Kästchen per Software auslesen) **ICR: Intelligent Character Recognition (Handschriften mit Software erkennen)

* OMR: Optical Mark Recognition (reading questionnaire boxes by software)

** ICR: Intelligent Character Recognition (recognizing manuscripts with software)

Questionnaire detection with OMR technology

DOCUBYTE sets during the electronic recording of questionnaires a professional OMR* or ICR** system (see also text). A prerequisite for this type of questionnaire analysis are raster images. As a rule, we do not assume in survey projects as a full-service provider and the scan service. Through the use of a large electric stack cutter and our high-volume scanner we can complete this part in most cases, on very favorable terms. Subsequently, the questionnaire layout is programmed into the acquisition software. During programming, it is possible to integrate numerous routines and summary fields in the data entry process. In this way can be, depending on the quality requirement also various mechanisms and stages of quality control implemented. For very large amounts of simple structured questionnaires are evaluated in a relatively short time, a manual follow the marked as unsafe fields is normally sufficient. For complex questionnaires our detection forces often lead but by a 100% visual inspection. The overall process is highly efficient and at the same time much more accurate than manual data entry process even with a full examination as compared to conventional detection methods (as per entry screen). The review of the detection results by our customers due to the questionnaire as a precursor scans created quickly and easily.

Privacy is Paramount

Of course, taking the issue of data protection DOCUBYTE just in capturing questionnaires very seriously. We all data is only encrypted and our customers rely absolute discretion (see Privacy). In addition, our ICR software every questionnaire anonymously automatically since only appears a compilation of individual fields on the screen of the typist – the detected person gets a single questionnaire displayed as picture. The blackening of certain places is technically possible in doubt.

Nevertheless, companies report again with us who want to transfer the collection of questionnaires no external service for various reasons. In order to meet these potential customers, we offer the detection software used also for sale, including programming and training. Make an appointment and let yourself be inspired in our screening room of the modern methods of questionnaire collection!

Questionnaire detection Munich

Both paper questionnaires and digitized questionnaire data are well protected at DOCUBYTE and are only transmitted encrypted.