Scanning service with sophisticated logistics

Scan Service requires Good Logistics

A good scan service is characterized not alone quality and advice in fulfilling the Scan service. To guarantee maximum safety and to protect your valuable documents in the course of filing digitization of loss, our employees also take packaging, pickup and delivery of your files. For regular deliveries in smaller quantities, we work with DHL, UPS, and various courier services together. We also rent under the digital mailroom several mailboxes that can be emptied up to twice daily, depending on requirements.

  • Foldable archive boxes for ring binders
  • Barcode labels for folders and boxes
  • Special packaging for transportation
  • Collection / transportation / goods receipt
  • Return of files after scanning
  • Daily P.O. box collections
  • Security by lockable metal container

Transportation before Digitization

To protect sensitive files in small as well as large amounts of loss, we keep in touch with our scan service its own transport service. Specially made archival boxes or – with increased safety requirements – lockable metal container can be tracked seamlessly via File Tracking. Tracking means that each folder and the corresponding transport container prior to loading (ie still in the customer archive) provided with a unique barcode ID. That we maintain not only the sheer number, but each file is uniquely named and also the appropriate project number. assigned at DOCUBYTE. This systematic may at any time be accurately determined for both the storage location as well as the processing status of each file. A loss during transport or during digitization is excluded.

Data tracking before scanning service

Packaging and applying barcodes before scanning of file folders.

Digitization Service including Shredding of files

After digitization, file folders can often be destroyed. DOCUBYTE also takes over this task for you – reliable and with logging.

Scan Service + Shredding

You can also handle privacy-compliant destruction equal to the scan service with. If you no longer need your documents after filing digitization in the original, we assume the disposal for you. To you allow sufficient time for a detailed inspection of the data supplied, all files are by default stored data four weeks after delivery free in DOCUBYTE paper archive. If necessary is also a long-term storage of paper documents possible. However, the physical storage of paper documents nowadays thanks auditable digital archiving process in most cases is no longer necessarily erfoderlich.