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Scanservice for Files and Documents

Unbound paper files up to A3 format are processed before scanning by our experienced sorters. Depending on the agreement paperclips and Tackernedeln be removed, post-its vice sticks creases and dog-eared cleanly removed. Only after this step, the actual scanning process take place on production scanners. Two-sided documents are scanned in duplex mode, not printed backs are reliably erased. Scanned documents through a text recognition process to a full text search in the digital PDF documents allow.

We scan invoices, delivery notes, contracts, purchase orders, receipts, bills, documents, index cards, and many more.

Scan service for file folders and documents

Scan Service: digitize historical books

Digitizing Books and Magazines

Depending on the template type and sensitivity, various methods and devices are used for digitizing. Bound documents, especially those of historical collections are digitized on special book scanners. On such devices, our team can also scan already damaged books or digitize historical documents. In order to customize book scans of such sensitive documents, are i.a. ready bookscanner V-shaped bearing surface. In this way, the book must be opened during the scan to a maximum of 120 degrees, which is the spine hardly affected compared to flatbed scanners..

We scan Historical Books, digitize hardcover books, brochures, catalogs, old contracts, documents with a seal, and many more

Digitizing Large Format Plans

Many engineering companies, architectural firms and offices complain of problems when archiving large-format plans and drawings. Especially the enormous space requirements, the complicated access, discoloration of the drawings and damage relocations provide inefficiency and anger in many companies. We digitize maps in color or grayscale. The acquisition of title block information or other indices, we do also professionally and quickly. We also offer a professional service vectorization.

We scan drawings and plans in the fields of engineering / design / architecture, maps, posters, paintings, and many more

Scan Service: digitize plans

Book scanning with special camera

Photos & Microfiche Scanning

DOCUBYTE can not only scan documents, but also digitize all kinds of photos. Scanning in batch mode is just as possible as a gentle digitization of book scanners (see also Books scan). Our Photoshop professionals will also be happy manual retouching work of all kinds. We supply all digitized photos in the exact resolution, quality and size that are suitable for your purposes.

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