Secure Scanning Service with the DOCUBYTE File-Tracking-System

Scanning Service at the Highest Level

When scanning service we have implemented over the years a very secure system for controlling and tracking your order. We speak of acts tracking. Basis of this system are standardized barcode stickers or bracts (dockets), that uniquely identify each record or document and are read into the DOCUBYTE production system for each work step by barcode gun. In this way, at any time to understand how many files have been received at what time and how the current processing status of the entire project or a specific file. Once the files digitization can be quickly and easily determine whether a document is stored in paper form at DOCUBYTE or whether it was destroyed with data protection regulations. All information is stored live during processing into a comprehensive database. Thus, for example, any time to determine which employees were involved in the processing of certain files. In addition to information about transport and document preparation are all relevant for the scan service data such as the number of pages scanned and the exact amount of scanned documents per folder detained.

File folders to scan with a barcode gun

All ring binders are provided with bar code stickers and pass all production processes using these unique tracking IDs.

File Tracking Workflow during Scanning Service

Scanservice mit Akten-Tracking

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Scan service with file tracking

File tracking during the scanning service – the workflow of DOCUBYTE.

1DOCUBYTE works file-based. That all files of the respective project are a unique reference number, respectively. (Barcode sticker) provided. All bar codes are kept neutral and consist of a 10-digit, consecutive series of numbers. In encrypted barcode are a 5-digit project number. (The same refers to the owner of the file) and a 5-digit, sequential file number. Moreover, if required bar codes are generated for the transport container. The “nesting” of the acts in boxes first serves to simplify the goods receipt at DOCUBYTE and secondly the rapid location of files that must be accessed to the possibly already before digitization.

2When packing the files, an optional index are parked (i.d.R. is the text of the folder back a meaningful index). Each index value of a file is linked to the appropriate barcode.

3Option 1: Customer pasted and packaged
DOCUBYTE sent the required bar codes to the customer – a barcode gun (USB interface) is provided on request. All barcodes (File and carton bar codes) and index values are collected from customers in Excel. The files are packed according to the list and either supplied by the customer or picked up by DOCUBYTE. A subsequent access to the original document is permanently possible.
Option 2: DOCUBYTE pasted and packaged
As variant 1, except that DOCUBYTE packaging materials, paints, capture and transport accepts completely. If access to the file during the processing time is needed to be detected downstream to speed up the acquisition process on the spot all glued Ordnerrücken Photographed and.


4All records and cardboard barcodes are either in Excel (customer) or registered in a specific software and then signed as an electronic delivery note. This electronic delivery note is the basis of all further processing steps. In the absence necessary index values may additionally such as the file name will be added to the list.

5The electronic delivery note is read in DOCUBYTE the production system. The amounts actually received are recorded by barcode (cardboard or files barcodes) the system automatically performs a deviation analysis. If files are missing, this will be immediately communicated to the customer.

6All production steps from the scanning service via the data acquisition through to upload to the online archive DOCUBYTE be monitored via bar code and recorded in the production database. In Return of paper files the original carton allocation is maintained. This can be accessed any time soon on the originals.

7Where possible all digital files or documents are delivered in a folder structure corresponding to the 10-digit barcode. Thus, the physical paper file and the corresponding digital document via a unique reference linked together and it is the customer problem perform a quality control.

8/9/10For delivery back assorted files another delivery from the DOCUBYTE production system is generated. This delivery is the customer for the post (quality control of scanned images and Integrity control if only certain files are returned). It also provides a comprehensive database, if after a long time on originals (for example, documents) have to be used. Especially for larger files amounts to the consecutive numbering has been a big advantage for our customers.