Scanning Plans and Digitizing of Large Format Drawings

Large Format Digitization

Our professional scan service for plans and drawings aimed particularly at companies from the fields of architecture, urban planning, surveying, archiving, cartography, geographic information systems, advertising or desktop publishing. We can not only scan plans, but also drawings, CAD drawings, maps, color posters, historic maps, posters, and more. Smaller quantities can be sent by courier (DHL / UPS) to us and processed within one working day. Larger amounts can be fetched by DOCUBYTE transport service. Your finished plan scans obtained after a short time via encrypted Download our Data Exchange Platform or on disk (see also data output scan service).

Scanning Plans at DOCUBYTE

Professional digitizing solutions for paper plans and large drawings

Plan-digitization at professional plan scanners

At DOCUBYTE also plans can be scanned, which exceed the DIN A0 format.

Scan Service of Highest Quality

Plans we digitize at DOCUBYTE default in 24-bit color and a resolution of 300 dpi. All scanned plans through a visual quality control. Of course, the correction of the orientation and layout of the plan scans included in the price. Unlike other scanning service folded in DOCUBYTE plans prior to digitization be gegengeknickt to avoid on the scanned plan a shadow along the fold. In this way you get high class schedule scans in color. Even the scanning of plans larger A0 is possible. The often stored together with A4 documents in file plans can be scanned without any problems in the original order. The integrated in our production database wildcard Scheme (see also process & methods for scanning) it is even possible when needed back sort all scanned documents to the original sequence.

Digitizing and Vectorizing Plans

If you want to digitize plans not only be for the purpose of digital archiving, you can use our experienced vectorization services for drawings and architecture. This service enables the individual lines and information are endorsed by the scanned plan and as converted into a digital CAD file. Moreover DOCUBYTE offers in addition to the scan service plans also product visualization. In the 3D product visualization a real acting, three-dimensional model is generated from scanned drawings or corresponding CAD data.

Scanning drawings and vectorizing images
Scanning drawings and vectorizing images

As an additional service after scanning plans we also offer a professional and affordable vectorization of drawings.