Scan Service in Munich for professional document scanning

Scan service protects documents

Paper documents can be a costly companion may be in everyday business, which is still used today in most departments. Here, the archiving of digital documents via Scan Service is not only much easier it also offers additional security. Paper is not protected against water before fire, fades over time, and many documents are unique or can be restored only with great effort. The digitization of business documents of all kinds entails numerous advantages.

  • Cost savings
  • Reducing the space required
  • Time savings (sharing information and collaboration)
  • Increased efficiency (quickly find instead of long searches)
  • Quality gain (no aging)
  • Increased safety (no loss due to fire / water / etc.)
  • Environmental protection through fewer copies / paper consumption
  • Permanent and simultaneous access
Scan Service Munich - Transport with privacy suitcases

For transportation special archive boxes or lockable privacy suitcase are used.

Secure File Transport before Scanning

A secure file transport is an essential component of Scan service, especially when it comes to larger amounts or sensitive documents. In addition to purpose-built archive boxes we use for particularly sensitive files also lockable metal containers for the transport of your files. For smaller amounts of your files may also be transported by UPS, DHL or other courier services. Our scanning service for the digital mailroom is handled by one of our mailboxes.

Professional Document Processing

The proper treatment of paper documents is a prerequisite for correct digitization process. It staples and paper clips, kinks and sticky notes are manually removed and unreadable documents sorted out or canceled. Large formats such plans or drawings or sealed documents are marked by bar codes and digitized on Schedule Scanner or book scanner (see also Books scan). Of course, we sort of wish back all the documents after scanning service in the corresponding file folder. Of course, we pay depending on the requirement for all files on a clearly structured document separation (see procedures for filing digitization).

File Scan Service - removing all metal fasteners

Before the scanning process, paper clips, stapler, post-its and dog-ears are removed reliably by our experienced sorting forces.

File digitization at high performance scanners

File scans are produced at professional high-performance scanners in color – without any markup!

Scanning Process for Documents

The actual document digitization is performed on high-performance scanners. Each of our production scanner is equipped with three ultrasonic sensors for double feed detection. The Scan Service is generally performed for all documents without charge in color – avoiding in this way we any loss of information during digitization. While the document digitization permanent visual inspection by the Scan Operator will be held. For the various formats, a variety of document scanners from different manufacturers is available. Therefore, we can also scan drawings and plans that exceed the DIN A0 format at DOCUBYTE. On special book scanners digitizing our team is able to scan the data stored in many file folders Produktproschüren and certificates.

Data acquisition after Scanning

Thus, the scanned files are searchable later in the digital archive, depending on the requirements different index values must be recorded. In the simplest variant, a complete file folder is a single digital document that is named after the folder back. For more complex structures or very large files a document separation is carried out and one or several index values (terms) per document recorded. In our data center all the files scans undergo automatiserte Character Recognition (OCR). After this process, all documents are searchable by free text.

Scan service with subsequent data collection

After the file scanning, content is beeing made available through text recognition (OCR) or manual data entry.

Documents Scans transmitted securely through SSL

All files scans are transmitted exclusively via encrypted connections, the necessary infrastructure is provided by DOCUBYTE.

Encrypted Data Delivery

Our customers receive scanned files as desired in various ways:

  1. Disk USB stick (encrypted or unencrypted)
  2. Download on platform DOCUBYTE DataExchange (SFTP / HTTPS)
  3. Upload to your own server / Import in your DMS
  4. Archiving in DOCUBYTE Online Archive