File scanning service in Munich

Leave the file scan to professionals. We digitize books, certificates, large format maps, magazines, photos and more

Data Collection

By combining manual data entry and programming of text recognition software, we achieve optimal results.

Digital Archiving

Paper files need a lot of space and prevent quick access to information. Digital archiving is the solution: find quick instead of searching long!

Document Management

With DOCUBYTE you make the leap to a paperless office. We offer both digital archiving and professional document management solutions.

Scan Service

Files and folder scan, digitize magazines, pictures, maps, books and more

Data Collection

Manual data entry, text recognition, questionnaire evaluation and more

Digital Archiving

We offer revision-proof Archiving as cloud solution or on your own servers

Digital Business

Optimal performance through digital business processes and document management


We have already implemented many digitization projects for many satisfied customers. Clients and partners appreciate our dedication, reliability and innovation. See for yourself and take a look at our references.

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In the conquest of space, two problems must be solved: the gravity and the paperwork. We would have been able to cope with gravity.

Wernher von Braun

German physicist and rocket engineer (1912 - 1977)

Why digitizing? Because digital documents make life easier!

Secure valuable information

Paper documents are usually unique and can not be replaced without timely digitization in loss. Paper may be damaged by water, fire and the natural aging process. In particular, the content makes it valuable document. Modern scanning service in conjunction with OCR data capture and document management give you security and enable the digital work in a paperless office. DOCUBYTE offers with professional scanning service and a tailored document management the best insurance for file folders and paper documents: permanently accessible digital documents. Scanning paper files means security!

Reduce costs with digital documents

Paper documents cause i.d.R. high costs! Not only physical archiving, file transport and inefficient access expenses increase disproportionately. Numerous – unnecessary in large part – copies and printouts ensure consistently high printing costs and charge at the same time the environment. In uncomfortable paper archives is often long sought and found nothing. DOCUBYTE help you with solutions such as the digital inbox or the digital personnel file, to reduce these unnecessary costs! Digital documents that are stored in an appropriate document management system, can be found quickly and easily. File digitization helps saving costs!

Make communication efficient and fun

Companies are more than ever dependent on current and correct information in the modern world. Since emerge more and more information companies in the developed and emerging markets, information is already classified as a fourth factor of production. Nevertheless, the volume of hard copy documents takes world still – despite the fact that the disadvantages of paper-based information are well known. DOCUBYTE will help you build and care of their valuable data pools – Scan services over data collection to digital archiving and document management. Digital documents provide efficient communication!

Creating space by digitizing files!

Save high storage costs and use our professional scanning service for files, folders, briefcases, and all kinds of documents. Let delivery notes digitize, scan invoices and work quickly and efficiently with digital documents. Our scanning service offers more than just digitizing A4 paper. In addition to the making of filing scans we are professionals in the field of book digitization. Through our software-controlled production system including files tracking we can guarantee that during the filing digitization lost not a single leaf. Our transportation service accepts reliably counting, packing and transporting your paper files.

Professional Scanning Service in Munich

Data Collection and Text Recognition

Capture data and use it digitally!

We help in the digitization of paper-based information and for valuable data permanently available and electronically exploitable. Our services in the area of data collection are varied. Handwritten information and old fonts such as Fraktur be converted by manual data entry. The contents of scanned files is (OCR) made in our data center by text recognition available electronically and directly embedded in the scanned PDF documents. Forms and questionnaires are scanned by our scan service and subsequently evaluated by technical methods such as OMR / ICR and delivered as analyzable database.

With DOCUBYTE to the paperless office!

DOCUBYTE is your experienced scan service, expert in data acquisition, digital archiving and document management. On the way to a paperless office, please contact us all services from one source. From the File digitization on the manual data entry of index values to digital archiving and tailored to your individual needs document management system. We show you the added value of digital documents. Solutions such as the digital inbox, the digital personnel file, or the electronic payslip (ePayslip) are just a few examples of digital business processes.

Digital Archiving and Document Management